Traditional Balinese Massage techniques are based on ayurvedic medicine linked to traditional Chinese medicine, with deep pressures to promote blood flow and stretching born of happiness, joy, ecstasy. Created to achieve greater relaxation, through the aromas offered by Indonesia. Along with absolute jasmine oil has a tranquilizing effect and leads to states of calmness and relaxation.
With the most exclusive oils CV cosmetic offers us with Balinese massage techniques, it helps us to take care of the body and mind, providing important relaxing, therapeutic and healing effects, ending with an orange peel body wrap.
-Improves insomnia. - Reactivates blood circulation -Rejuvenation of the skin - Balances the chi (Energy)
-Improves migraines and headaches
- Ayurvedic massage with anti-wrinkle elixir and regenerating power
- Massages and pressures on arms, belly, legs, back and feet
- Orange skin body wrap with soothing and relaxing properties 20 minutes