Sadhana Massage (our star massage) 

Relax, experience and feel yourself.Our best ritual where the mind and body are fused through the production of endorphins, relieving tension and helping mental relaxation. The massage is performed throughout the body, restoring vital harmony.

Helps reduce back and head pain, reduces our stress levels, reduces blood pressure, improves circulation, combats anxiety, depression, helps the elimination of toxins, reduces muscle tension, improves flexibility and reduces the symptoms of Premenstrual syndrome.

Enjoy this unforgettable experience, you deserve it!

Minutes Price
40´ 35 € (back and legs)
60´ 50 € (full body)
90´ 75 € (full body)


Sadhana Massage + Hot Stones

This therapy combines traditional therapeutic massage with the application on the skin of stones at different temperatures to facilitate the flow of vital energy and thus alleviate physical and emotional disorders, reduction and relief of pain, elimination of skin toxins and improvement of the circulatory system.

Minutes Price
30´ 30 €
70´ 55€


Adara Ritual (2 People)  

To pamper yourself beyond the body and caress the soul.

Enjoy your most complete and special ritual to share with your partner or friends, from which, you will enjoy an unforgettable experience.

With our Asian techniques a state of deep relaxation and well-being, disconnecting your daily routine and pampering yourself.

 A complete massage is performed that combines adyurvédico, lomi-lomi and foot reflexology, accompanied by a deep hydration technique with paraffin that will help alleviate muscle and joint pain.

ALMA RITUAL: the ritual ends with a beauty treatment, rejuvenating, oxygenation and cleansing of the skin with vitamins and masks for all skin types. 

Minutes Price
110´ Aprox. 170 €


The paraffin will be use on while the beauty treatment is performed on the face.


Bali Bliss 

Traditional Balinese Massage techniquesare based on ayurvedic medicine traditional Chinese medicine, with deep pressures to promote blood flow and stretching born of happiness, joy, ecstasy. Created to achieve greater relaxation, through the aromas offered by Indonesia.Along with absolute jasmine oil has a tranquilizing effect and leads to states of calmness and relaxation.

With the most exclusive oils CV cosmetic offers us with Balinese massage techniques, it helps us to take care of the body and mind, providing important relaxing, therapeutic and healing effects, ending with an orange peel body wrap.


  • Improves insomnia.                          
  • Rejuvenation of the skin            
  • Improves migraines and headaches
  • Reactivates circulation
  • Balances the chi (Energy)


  • Ayurvedic massage with anti-wrinkle elixir and regenerating power
  • Massages and pressures on arms, belly, legs, back and feet
  • Orange skin body wrap with soothing and relaxing properties 20m
Minutes Price
60´ 55 €


Sport Massage  

This massage technique is basically used to prepare the athlete in the competition , both before and after the competition. Avoid muscle spasms, sparins, muscle injuries, getting relaxation, in addition to eliminating toxins. 

It is characterized by moderate movements, analgesic effects, stimulates circulation, reduces muscle fatigue and realigns muscle fibers.   

Minutes Price
30´ 30 €
60´ 50 €



Foots and Legs Massage

The good of foot massages help relieve body tension,calm the flow of consciousness and calm emotions. Eliminates the feeling of fatigue and heaviness in the legs,producing an anti-stress effectbecause its draining and relaxing power.  

Minutes Price
30´ 25 €
60´ 45 €


Shantala Pregnants  

Recommended for expectant mothers, since their practices can attenuate discomfort or common alterations of this moment of life, relieves physical, mental and emotional stress. Starting with a foot bathwith salts of strawberries and roses followed by foot reflexology on legs and feet and a mask will be added, in the maternal belly highly nutritious womb with rosehip, sweet almonds highly regenerating rich in collagen and elastin with firming and anti-aging effects stretch marks without parabens and without alcohol.  

Benefits of this massage are: 

  • The lymphatic drainage favours the good functioning of the blood circulation..
  • Hydrated skin rich in collagen and elastin with firming effects
  • Allow to relax the mind and body, relieving the stress and tensions of daily life.
  • Helps with sleep. 


  •  Foot bath with strawberry and rose salts 10 minutes. 
  •  Foot reflexology with rosehip oil. 30 minutes 
  • Facial and cranial massage,arms and hands 25 minutes 
  • Nourishing mask with collagen and anti-stretch marks in the wombs. 10 minutes 
Minutes Price
70´ 55 €


Cranial Massage 

Cranial massage is applied to the head, face, neck and shoulders. Reduces the accumulated tension of day, eliminates pain and discomfort: headaches, relieves sinusitis, brings a sense of calm and well-being, eliminates stress and anxiety, or bad postural habits that can cause tension headaches.    

Minutes Price
30´ 25 €



Thai Massage 

Traditional Thai massage or Thai massage is a millenary technique , performed on a futon on the floor,applied to the entire body, from head to toe. It consists of a stretching and deep massage. The massage in general follows the Sen lines of the body – something analogous to the meridians or channels (Chinese medicine) and to the Nadi of Indian yoga.The legs and feet of the masseuse can be used to fix the body or limbs of the recipient. It is made in futon with comfortable clothes and without oils


  • Activates thelymphatic system.
  • Increases the flexibility of the muscles,strengthens the ligaments and tendons. Avoiding musculoskeletal injuries.
  • Improves blood flow.
  • Regulates moods,harmonizing the connection between body, mind and soul
  • It reduces stress.Providing a high degree of relaxation.
  • Reduces insomnia,anxiety, fatigue … 
Minutes Price
60´ 60 €
90´ 80 €


Anti-cellulite Massage

 The main functions of this type of massage are: open pores, mobilize the lymphatic system, break fats and facilitate the penetration of cosmetic products used for this purpose. It improves the venous circulation, lymphatic circulation, the muscular tone, the look of the skin, at the same time that it increases the oxygenation and the removal of substances of waste. 

* Includes a choice between cold bandages or red clay wrap. 

Areas to be treated: 

  • Abdomen
  • Legs
  • Arms
  • Hips
  • Buttocks
Minutes Price
70´ Buttocks and legs 55€


Four hands massage

It is one of the most spectacular therapeutic massages,performed by two perfectly synchronized masseurs that provides maximum relaxation with a magical sensation. It is based on a Hindu method combined with music and aromatherapy to connect body and mind. It is perfect to disconnect from everyday stress.

Minutes Price
30´ 45 €
50´ 80 €


Shiatsu Massage In Table

Shiatsu is a manual or therapeutic therapy of Japanese origin that seeks to harmonize body-mind and emotions through contact, with the aim of improving the health and vitality of the people who receive it.

Shiatsu means pressure with fingers. An important part of shiatsu is based on the oriental concept of energy and one of its main objectives is to allow this vital energy to flow without hindrance and in this way, stimulate and help the natural processes of self-healing and well-being helping to prevent diseases

Shiatsu treats the whole body, stimulating and favoring its reunion with a state of balance and natural harmony.

The massage is done with comfortable clothes.

Minutes Price
30´ 30 €
50´ 40 €



The neuromuscular bandage is indicated to minimize inflammation, relax muscles and reduce muscle pain. It is recommended for athletes and those who have a physical therapy treatment.

Bandage benefits:

  • Analgesic: calms and relieves naturally.
  • Muscle support: supports the ability of the muscle to contract
  • Joint corrections: increases the range of movement in the joints and relaxes the muscles.
  • Flow of bodily fluids: improves blood and lymphatic circulation
Minutes Price
50´ 50 €


The massage is performed in the area to be treated later with the neuromuscular bandage


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