PARAISO GOLD with Gold Micro Active Assimilable BIO (2 People)

110,00 2 horas

200.00€ —- 120 minutos
110.00€ (Solo 1 persona)

Entre las propiedades del oro destacamos la luminosidad, que estimula la micro-circulación sanguínea y celular, con ello
conseguimos disminuir las ojeras y revitalizar la piel del rostro y el cuerpo.



Among the properties of gold we highlight the luminosity, which stimulates the blood and cell micro-circulation, thereby reducing dark circles and revitalizing the skin of the face and body. Its tensor effect is visible from the first session as it helps the natural production of collagen, a protein that is used in anti-aging treatments. Regenerates, nourishes and deeply hydrates, prevents dry skin, acts on irritations and imperfections leaving it thin, silky and velvety. In addition, it is an antioxidant because it stimulates the oxygenation of the skin providing vitality and energy

Facial treatment includes skin cleansing, refreshing tonic, peeling, pure vitamin C concentrate, gold mask and anti-aging moisturizer

  • Luminosity
  • Tensioning effect
  • Regenerator
  • Antioxidant


  • Exfoliation
  • Wrap
  • Massage
  • Ducha y té


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