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    55,00 60 minutes
    55.00€ ---- 60 minutes This treatment is based on the tradition of the purest aromatherapy, with the most advanced techniques to create that natural cosmetic that takes care of the skin, comforts the spirit and relaxes the mind.
  • PARAISO GOLD with Gold Micro Active Assimilable BIO (2 People)

    110,00 2 horas
    200.00€ ---- 120 minutes 110.00€ (Solo 1 persona) Among the properties of gold we highlight the luminosity, which stimulates the blood and cell micro-circulation
  • Adara RItual (2 people)

    170,00 110 minutes
    170.00€ ---- 110 minutes Enjoy your most complete and special ritual to share with your partner or friends, from which, you will enjoy an unforgettable experience.
  • Alma ritual

    55 € por persona 60 minutes
    55.00€ ---- 60 minutes Ritual of rejuvenating beauty, oxygenator and cleansing of the skin specialized in giving light and erasing the imperfections of our face with different types of tonics and masks chosen for all skins types and people.
  • Chocotherapy Ritual

    55,00 70 minutes
    55.00€ / 110€ for 2 people ---- 70 minutes  The chocotherapy, consists of covering the whole body with a wrap made with chocolate and essential oils, entails numerous benefits.
  • Paraffin Ritual

    50,00 50 minutes
    50.00€ ---- 50 minutes 60.00 € ---- 60 minutes A relaxing or sport massage is available to choose Moisturizes the skin deeply. In general, to alleviate muscular and joint pains. It helps the improvement of ailments such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, tendonitis, inflammations, etc.
  • Essences of roses Ritual

    60,00 70 minutes
    60.00€ ---- 70 minutes Sugar and rosehip peeling Delicate body scrub with vegetable oils that soften and nourish the skin, contains rosehip oil with great regenerating and antioxidant action.
  • Caviar Gold and Pearls Facial With Anubis

    70,00 75 minutes
    70.00€ ---- 75 minutes This anti-aging gold micro active facial treatment, inspired by traditional Chinese medicine, gold stimulates blood and cellular microcirculation providing luminosity and increasing the synthesis of collagen and elastin for its tensor and regenerative effect.
  • Two People Red Picot Ritual

    150,00 90 minutes
    150.00€ ---- 90 minutes The antioxidant-rich cherry helps restore mineral levels in the body. Thanks to its high anthocyanin content, it helps reduce rheumatic inflammatory processes. Its high water and potassium content accelerate the elimination of toxins providing vitality and energy to the skin.